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Last update: 2021-10-18

Please read the text carefully since this agreement is legally binding between SamMark Web AB and yourself. These terms and conditions covers all services, software, information and usage operated by SamMark Web AB. The failure of either party in any one or more instances to enforce one or more of the terms or conditions of this agreement or to exercise any right or privilege in this agreement, or the waiver by either party of any breach of the terms or conditions of this agreement, shall not be construed as thereafter waiving any such terms, conditions, rights, or privileges, and the same shall continue and remain in force and effect as if no such failure to enforce had occurred.

Acceptance of the User Rights

By indicating your acceptance of this agreement you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set out herein. Do not tick the box if you are not in an agreement with this agreement.

Your use of 1Place constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions and the agreement to be bound by them.

Access to the services

You are responsible to provide all means to access the services provided by SamMark Web AB, such as via a computer, mobile device or any other electronic communications equipment.

SamMark Web AB has the full rights to govern the content which is supplied and uploaded to the platform by a user. SamMark Web AB can deny access and usage of the platform if content is deemed to be abusive, offensive or inappropriate. As a user you accept the following:

When an account is created, you agree to provide correct and complete information in order to use the platform in a proper manner. Such information includes an email address which belongs to you or the organisation you represent.

SamMark Web AB reserves the rights if there are rightful grounds, and has the discretion, to deny access, usage, membership and other means of associations with 1Place to a user, or group of users, and is not obliged to ratify its decision.

Personal information

SamMark Web AB intend to protect personal information and integrity of all registered users utilizing the platform and services. SamMark Web AB collects and processes personal information which is provided by a user through the account sign up process and by regular usage of the platform.

The information contains your email address, first name, last name and other necessary information which is deemed to be personal. Electronic communication with SamMark Web AB, such as email, might be stored in order to provide sufficient response.

SamMark Web AB is restricted from disclosing any personal information. SamMark Web AB has the right to provide personal information to a relevant body only if a governing body, such as an authority or legal court, are requesting material for a judicial process, court hearing or other legal procedures.

All personal information provided to SamMark Web AB is stored on secure servers with modern technology where all transactions are encrypted. You are responsible to maintain and keep your login details in a safe and secure environment if stored electronically. Your login details are personal and are not allowed to be shared with other individuals or used by a group of individuals to access the platform and services. You are responsible for all data entries and content provided to SamMark Web AB and are responsible for the activities on your account including changing the password if you suspect unauthorized usage.


By accepting this agreement you consent that personal information such as name, date of birth, nationality, national insurance number, email address, telephone number, address, media and similar information linked to you may be processed by 1Place with the purpose to ease the administration for the sports club you are a member of. The personal information will be stored on servers in the EU in a machine-readable format. The information will be utilized according to the aforementioned purpose in this consent. The legal grounds for processing your personal information is by your voluntary acceptance of the consent. Active users in Sweden may have some of their personal information disclosed to IdrottOnline and Billogram.

SamMark Web AB, Gamla Torget 3, 602 24 Norrköping with company registration number 559038-6149 is the personal data controller.

Data deletion request

This consent is in force until further notice. You have the right at any point to revoke this consent. In that case, we will stop to process your personal data that has been collected by this consent. Results that has already been processed will not be affected if this consent is revoked. Some information may be archived in accordance with Swedish law. You have the right to retrieve the personal information concerning you. You also have the right to have erroneous information about you corrected.

You can send a request using our support form or by sending an email. You must include proof of your identity. Your request will be processed within seven days after we receive your message.

Data security and information storage

The validity of electronic information is not always accurate and may contain falsifications. SamMark Web AB is putting reasonable efforts to protect and validate sensitive information but cannot guarantee its authenticity. Although SamMark Web AB is protecting your personal information, its integrity cannot be guaranteed.

Collection of information

SamMark Web AB has the right to collect information from your computer or electrical device, such as IP-address, operating system and browser version. This is done in order to enhance the user experience.

SamMark Web AB has the right to store Cookies in your browser to enhance the user experience. By accepting this agreement you hereby agree for SamMark Web AB to store Cookies in your browser.

Intellectual property and content

SamMark Web AB owns the right of all content on the platform. You hereby acknowledge that the brand, patents and other intellectual properties are protected by international copyright laws.

Unless otherwise agreed, you hereby agree that under no circumstances you are allowed copy, reproduce or modify any of the services on the platform without written permission from SamMark Web AB.


The failure of a party to insist upon strict performance of any provision of this agreement or to exercise any right arising out of this agreement shall neither impair that provision or right nor constitute a waiver of that provision or right, in whole or in part, in that instance or in any other instance. Any waiver by a party of a particular provision or right shall be in writing, shall be as to a particular matter and, if applicable, for a particular period of time and shall be signed by such party.

Partial nullity

In case it be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction that any provision herein contained is illegal or unenforceable, such determination shall solely affect such provision and shall not impair the remaining provisions of this agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Amendments in Terms of Use

SamMark Web AB may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions, including related documentation, with or without notice to the user. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public disclosure. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms.

System requirements

The services on 1Place requires a modern web browser. It is recommended to utilize Google Chrome or Safari for the best user experience. The services have been tested by the following browsers:


This agreement may be terminated, at any time, by Doctype at its own discretion without any prior written notice. The agreement shall have no further force or effect after the termination da te.

General terms

These Terms and Conditions constitutes the agreement in its entirety and shall supersede any agreements previously entered into, verbal as well as written between SamMark Web AB and yourself. You are not allowed to delegate or transfer any rights or obligations to any other party. SamMark Web AB is allowed to transfer its rights, in part or in entirety, according to this agreement.

According to this agreement you agree to adhere to international and national laws which applies to the usage of 1Place.

SamMark Web AB may contact you via email or other means of communication which are associated with your profile. Such communication is considered to be a valid communication channel and you are responsible to take part of its content regardless of its nature.